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Imagine a brand that gets forward-thinking people of all ages excited and equipped to create innovative ways to serve their congregation and community.

Imagine churches, camps, colleges and seminaries full of people wearing and sharing the brand while collaborating and learning practical leadership skills.

Imagine online community hosts who give a face to the brand and relate to the leaders they are trying to attract.


Getting people excited about an idea is one thing. Clarifying their unique path is another.

What if we created a digital hub where potential leaders can answer questions and have their leadership path suggested based on their goals and where they are at in their lives? 

What if this digital hub could serve as a starting point for off-line and in-person experiences?

What if there was a wealth of practical content that could help answer their questions based on where they are in their call?

What if they could see everything the ELCA had to offer? For example, Outdoor ministries and mission opportunities. ELCA Colleges and Seminary options. All right at their fingertips.


Finally, we send our active and future leaders out to do ministry with their newfound skills.

We will see lay leaders and youth directors using their new resources to help equip their congregations while getting youth ahead of their leadership game.

We will see pastors with new confidence to try entrepreneurial ideas that will reach and influence their community for Christ.

We will see groups and coaches coming together to share what they are doing and encourage each other along their journey.

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