August 2020 Update

Journi Team
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Leadership has never been more important than it is right now. During a time of pandemic, we need local leaders who feel empowered to help their communities see God and new leaders that feel inspired to join the cause.

That’s why we’re building the Journi leadership platform. The Journi team is currently hard at work creating a user experience that will be engaging and will actually help with practical leadership development.

Here are some of the features that are coming:

Personalized recommendations

When you sign up for Journi, you will take a short survey about your interests. Journi will be able to highlight content based on your interests and gifts. Think of the way Netflix recommends new shows based on your interests and provides content that is based on your engagement patterns.

My Journi

After getting to know you, Journi will recommend possible paths for you based on your profile. We know that each faith journey is unique and has many milestones along the way. That’s why by providing paths, we can help shepherd users with content groups that best align to their journey. A path is a collection of content based on a topic; for example, the Path to Seminary will help users understand the necessary steps to enroll in Seminary, and even whom to consult along the way.


Building leadership skills and/or learning about new topics can be difficult when life gets in the way. That’s why we are building nudges into Journi. These notifications remind you which path you’re on and your next step to finish. This means you can take each path at your own pace but when needed, you can be reminded to continue forward. This feature is similar to a workout app that reminds you to do your planned exercise each day. At regular intervals, users can expect to receive a nudge to remain engaged in their leadership journey.

More to Come

These are just some of the features we have planned for the Journi platform to help you in your journey to become a leader in the church. Stay tuned for more!

Journi Team

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