Know yourself.
Know how God made you.

Did You Know

Your Personality

Each one of us move though our journey in a unique way. Learning about your own identity can help you to learn about your personal leadership style

Your Gifts

Sharing our gifts with others is one of the hallmark traits of a leader. Be it music, art, writing, speaking, all of us have gifts to share with others. Using those gifts to bring together communities is what makes a leader.

Our spiritual gifts assessment helps you to identify your gifts so that you can begin to build your own communities and share your passions with others.

Your Call

When we feel called to be part of God’s ministry, it’s hard to know what we are truly being asked to do.  Discerning your call can be a difficult and confusing process which is why we want you to be empowered in making your decision. 

Our resources are available for you to take the next step in your faith journey.  

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