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A Digital Leadership Tool Coming early 2021

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The Leadership Dilemma

When you feel God is calling you to make a difference in the world, the sheer number of questions and options can be overwhelming.

How do I know I am being called?

What kind of Future can I expect?

Do I have to go to a Specific school?

can the church help me become a leader?

Journi is for everyone who wonders where God may be calling them as a leader.

College Students
Seminary Students
First Call
Lay Leaders

A digital tool to accompany you through your leadership journey.

Content, Courses and Coaching
Journi will get the most experienced ministry leaders and create a catalogue of content that personalized for your path.
Personality & Gifting
Journi will get you know you by assessing your personality, Interests and gifts to determine the path you need.
Personalized Next Steps
Once you have made a decision about what next step you would like to make, Journi will guide you through all the steps necessary to achieve it.
Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

“Journi encourages all of us to seek out and inspire gifted people in our congregations and communities to consider a call to ministry of the Gospel.”

- Bishop Eaton

How will we equip future leaders like you?

Know Yourself

Tools to understand more about yourself and discover your gifts.

Practical Resources

Valuable articles, videos and more to help you in your leadership.

Next Steps

Gain insights on how to move forward in your leadership journey.

Know Yourself

Your personal relationship with faith can be an overwhelming and complicated experience. Journi is designed to give you the tools to discover your leadership traits, personality strengths and other gifts that can aid you in your discernment process.

Practical Resources

Understanding who you are and how you want to make an impact on your church is the first step. With practical resources that give you the insights and knowledge to better reveal your path, Journi will help you define your future. Our digital hub is jam-packed with resources created for the next generation of leaders.

Coming Soon

Personalized Next Steps

Your path(s) have been revealed. Now you need to know what’s next for you. Building on theological foundations, service, vocation and education, Journi serves as an ambassador to accompany you on your personalized next steps toward leadership in this church.

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